The Many Surprising Benefits of Split System Air Conditioners

31 March 2016
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A split system air conditioner is the type of system you usually see in hotel rooms; they are not window units that you can install and take out as you wish, but they don't go through the vents and ductwork of a building either. They are a permanent installation, and they only cool one space at a time. If you're wondering why you would choose a split system unit over any other, note that they actually offer some surprising benefits that you might consider for your home.

1. Energy efficiency

A central air conditioner, meaning one that is vented through a home's or building's ductwork, will cool the entire building at once. If you're single or it's just you and a partner at home, you may not need the upstairs bedrooms cooled while you're sitting downstairs together. The same is true for an office; why cool the lunchroom, storage area, and all other spaces when you just want a small office space cool? A split system allows you to pick and choose the areas to be cooled rather than cooling an entire home or building.

2. Quiet operation

A window unit may be known for being very loud; with a split system unit, the compressor fan and condenser motor are installed outside. This keeps your space quieter when the system is running. This makes them optimal for bedrooms or offices where you want a quieter operation than you would get with a window or portable unit.

3. Less damage to building

The hole that needs to be made in a building or home in order to run hoses for the refrigerant of a split system is usually just a few inches across. This means you can have a permanent installation without cutting a large hole in the walls for running the larger hoses you would otherwise need for a central air unit.

4. Easier to install

Because a split system doesn't need to be retrofitted to your home's or building's ductwork, this can make it easier to install. You would probably still need a contractor to handle the installation work since they need to run the wiring to the room's thermostat and ensure the hoses are hooked up properly behind the unit's vent, but a quicker and easier installation can usually mean one that is more affordable. Not only would you be saving money on running the system itself, and you could have a unit that is more powerful and more quiet than a window unit, you would also pay less money to install a split system AC than a central unit.