Things to Consider When Updating Your Home's Tapware

21 June 2016
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When it comes to kitchen and bathroom renovations, most homeowners tend to concentrate on the big stuff such as tiling, flooring and appliances. However, these are not the only aspects that contribute to the overall aesthetics of these rooms. Additionally, these tend to cost more and are more labour intensive to work on; hence, they increase the overall costs of your renovations. If you are renovating on a budget but would like to update the appearance of your kitchen and bathrooms, consider installing new tapware. The following are some of the considerations to have in mind when updating your home's tapware.

Consider how user friendly the taps are

The first thing to keep in mind when updating your tapware is their ease of use. This refers to how they can be accessed by all individuals who may need to use them, whether it is children or adults. When it comes to ease of use, one of the main factors that would affect this is how your tapware is mounted on the walls. Ensure you have kept the needs of all the inhabitants of your household before having your tapware mounted.

Consider the space the tapware will take

If you are negating in renovations, you should attempt to create more space in the room. This could go a long way in enabling you to include more fittings or extra storage space. Space saving tapware would be especially crucial if you are dealing with a small kitchen or bathroom. If you are installing a new sink in your bathroom, consider opting for a side-mounted basin. Another option to consider is tapware that is mounted directly onto the wall rather than having it affixed onto the basin. This brings the sink closer to the wall, which creates additional space in the room.

Consider the water efficiency of the taps

One thing homeowners take for granted is water conservation by their choice of tapware. Generally, homeowners will know not to leave their taps running so as to prevent wastage of water. However, this is not the only way that your tapware can help with water conservation. You can now invest in water efficient taps that function toward regulating the amount of water they release depending on what flow would be optimal for your use. These water efficient taps also ensure that the time it takes for your water to reach the desired temperature is shorter, which decreases the amount of water wasted by running the tap until optimal temperatures are reached.