Top Care Tips to Keep Your Commercial Refrigerators Running Smoothly for Longer

3 April 2017
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Refrigerators are must-have appliances for businesses that sell perishable food items like fresh vegetables and fruits, milk, eggs, meat, dairy products, etc., which require cold storage. It is critical to keep commercial refrigerators in good working shape because operational failure could mean all the food stocked will go to waste. Therefore, if you run a business that requires the use of refrigerators, then you will need to take care of your equipment in the best way possible. 

Here is a look at some useful care tips you can follow to minimise the risk of your commercial refrigerators breaking down at a time of need.

Be sure to keep them clean

Regular cleaning is perhaps the single most essential thing you can do to keep your commercial refrigerators working well for longer. The cleaning job should generally be concentrated on the interiors and exteriors, as well as on vital electrical components, such as the compressor, the condenser coils and the fan and motor. Cleaning of the exterior is basically done for aesthetic appeal, but cleaning the interior and the vital components of the equipment can significantly impact the life of your refrigeration equipment.

To clean the interior of the appliance, remove all the food items stored inside along with any removable refrigerator components like shelves and drawers, and then use warm water, a soft cotton cloth and mild detergent to wipe the interior clean. Once you are done cleaning the interior, you can wipe out any accumulated dirt on the exterior with the same cloth and cleaning solution.

Before cleaning any electrical components, you will need to first turn off the appliance so as to avoid potential electrical hazards, like electrocution. You can use an air blower to blow the dust off your compressor, the condenser coils and the fan and motor, and wipe the accessible parts with a dry soft cloth.

Carry out routine inspections

The problem with a good number of commercial refrigerator users is that they wait until their appliance completely goes quiet before they can call in an expert to fix the problem. By then, extensive damage may have already happened, leading to costly repairs or even replacement of the entire equipment. You should never overlook the importance of performing regular spot checks on your refrigerators, even if they seem to be working just fine. 

Routine inspections help identify and fix potential problems before they can snowball into costly issues down the road. This ensure you keep enjoying reliable service from your refrigeration equipment.