Has Your Washing Machine Failed?

27 April 2021
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Looking around your property, which pieces of equipment do you use most often? You might think of the kettle, the television or the shower, but it won't be long before you consider the washing machine. Your washing machine is probably one of the most vital appliances in your home. If your washing machine fails, it won't be long before the dirty clothes start to pile up, and you wonder what you can wear that is still clean. When you have a broken washing machine, you could find a local launderette to use temporarily but, eventually, you must replace or repair the washing machine.

Do you need a new washing machine?

When your washing machine breaks, your first thought might be to order a replacement machine, but is that necessary? New washing machines are rarely cheap, and most washing machine repairs cost much less than a new washing machine. Perhaps your washing machine has stopped spinning. The motor may have failed, but it is far more likely that it is something less serious. It could be that the belt has slipped off the drum, or maybe the brushes on the motor need replacement. If the water in your washing machine won't drain away at the end of the cycle, you may have a blockage in the outlet pipe. All of these minor washing machine repairs can be completed quickly by a trained repair technician.

Finding someone for washing machine repairs

There are two considerations that you should always bear in mind when looking for someone to carry out washing machine repairs. Think about the technical expertise of the person conducting the repairs and also their professionalism.

Expertise - Before hiring anyone to carry out work on your appliance, you must be confident that they know how to complete the job quickly and safely. They must have experience repairing washing machines produced by the same manufacturer as your machine so that they will be aware of any components which are unique to that manufacturer.

Professionalism - Any engineer who comes to your home must be a professional. You will want to know that they will arrive precisely when you expect them and that they will conduct themselves professionally at all times. You should check that they hold relevant insurance so that if something were to go wrong following their work in your home, you won't find yourself facing a significant financial loss.

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