How to Address a Few Common Problems With a Central Air Conditioner

30 August 2016
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A home's central air conditioner should be checked and maintained every year before the summer season begins. This will ensure it's in good working order and won't suffer any unnecessary wear and tear while in use during the long summer months. However, if you're like many homeowners, you probably put off this task so your system could break down when you least expect it or potentially earlier than you would think; even if you do maintain your air conditioner regularly, it's bound to malfunction at one time or another. Read More 

Things to Consider When Updating Your Home’s Tapware

21 June 2016
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When it comes to kitchen and bathroom renovations, most homeowners tend to concentrate on the big stuff such as tiling, flooring and appliances. However, these are not the only aspects that contribute to the overall aesthetics of these rooms. Additionally, these tend to cost more and are more labour intensive to work on; hence, they increase the overall costs of your renovations. If you are renovating on a budget but would like to update the appearance of your kitchen and bathrooms, consider installing new tapware. Read More 

4 Warning Signs That Your Coffee Machine is Harbouring Mould

11 April 2016
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Dark, confined, and moist – your coffee machine is an ideal place for mould to thrive. Boiling water might mitigate some of its effects, but mould spores can easily find their way into your cup of coffee, and from there into your stomach. It isn't a nice thing to have to think about, but weekly cleanings and regular maintenance can easily keep your coffee machine mould-free. If you're experienced any of the warning signs listed below, it is time to take action. Read More 

Commercial Fire Extinguishers: Common Agents and the Fires They Handle

5 April 2016
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Fire extinguishers are critical elements in a fire protection plan for your commercial premises. These devices are active fire-fighting products that can control and even extinguish localised fires within a building. There are numerous types of fire extinguishers to consider acquiring for your business. Generally, they are classified according to the extinguishing agent contained in the cylinder. The right choice for your operation will depend on the potential fire hazards. You should understand your options in order to select the best fire protection product. Read More 

The Many Surprising Benefits of Split System Air Conditioners

31 March 2016
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A split system air conditioner is the type of system you usually see in hotel rooms; they are not window units that you can install and take out as you wish, but they don't go through the vents and ductwork of a building either. They are a permanent installation, and they only cool one space at a time. If you're wondering why you would choose a split system unit over any other, note that they actually offer some surprising benefits that you might consider for your home. Read More